Soraya Ghazi Lutes | ABOUT
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Soraya Ghazi Lutes is a fine artist and a designer based in Providence, Rhode Island. Half-Finnish, half-Indian, she was raised in Tampere and educated in the United States.


In 2014, Soraya moved to France with her husband and son to restore the family home of the impressionist painter Frederick Frieseke in the small village of Blangy-le-Chateau. It was here, inspired by the richness of the Norman countryside, that her icon paintings were born. A marriage of three life-long fascinations for the artist—botanical illustration, pattern, and religious imagery—these icons embody the disparate traditions of Ghazi Lutes’s western and eastern heritage, while, at the same time, elevating simple, everyday sustenance and craft to the sublime.


Soraya may be reached at

Soraya Ghazi Lutes